Ak47 Afghan Hash UK



Ak47 Afghan Hash UK

Buy Ak47 Afghan Hash UK Online. Another SUPREME medium soft Afghani import. The AK47 Afghan Hash is a smoooooooth and creamy smoke on the inhale with a soft throat tingle on the exhale. Again, a nice soft import hash that will be a welcome addition to anyone’s line up. Thank the Hashman once you try it out.

This is one of Dean’s favorite hashes and trust us, he has tried quite a few. Not the smoothest or the strongest, but a really nice all round OLD SCHOOL hash.

Very sweet, minty chocolate, and earthy hash aroma. Firm and good for crumbling into a bong hit / bottle toke or moulding into little joint worms. A very nice relaxing high that comes with heady effects and a mellow body buzz – definitely effective stress relief. If you are looking for a real traditional hash experience then we would definitely recommend this one.

In fact, it’s similar to Kabul or Diamond just a little smoother and not quite as potent.

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For some new school, tasty, and potent extracts checkout the shatter, budder, or live resin.


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1gr, 3.5gr


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