Boost Dark Chocolate CBD Bar (240mg) UK


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Boost Dark Chocolate CBD Bar (240mg) UK

Buy Boost Dark Chocolate CBD Bar (240mg) UK & Ireland Online. Boost CBD Dark Chocolate Bar is a delicious bitter and sweet method to ingest your CBD intake. The entire CBD chocolate bar contains a total of 240mg of CBD. The entire chocolate is broken down into 5 individual bars which each contain 48mg of CBD. You can further breakdown your dosage by the individual pieces. Each of the 5 bars contain 12 individual pieces of chocolate, with each piece containing 4mg of CBD.

This Boost CBD dark chocolate bar is made with love to satisfy your sweet tooth craving whilst delivering your required dose of CBD. The CBD utilized is a CBD isolate that is sourced locally and lab tested for purity,

You can ingest this bar in the morning when you first wake up or at night before you sleep. The CBD is meant to “take the edge off” and make you feel relaxed and at ease. Whether you’re lacking energy throughout the day or cannot sleep at night, CBD is your saviour.

Stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, lack of energy.

CBD Isolate, unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavour, may contain milk.

CBD is both great for medical uses as well as recreational users. Patients with illnesses have found major relief with CBD. Additionally, anxious and stressed patients have found relief in their day to day life.


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