Buy Lemon Skunk Shatter UK


Name: Lemon Skunk Shatter
Triple Lab Tested THC Potency: 79.81%
Type:  Indica


Buy Lemon Skunk Shatter UK

Buy Lemon Skunk Shatter UK Online. Lemon Skunk Shatter is from the strain Lemon Skunk which is a sativa dominant hybrid and  up of 60% sativa genetics and 40% indica genetics.  The name would be a combination of the flavours, aromas and parents of this strain.

Many describe the effects of Lemon Skunk to be energetic and uplifting, making this a great strain for daytime use. Consumers are using this product to ease pain, inflammation, headaches and stress with amazing results.

THC is between 15% and 21% THC on this strain making it a fairly strong strain when at the higher end of these levels.

Buds of this strain is of medium to large size, that tend to be stretche out or elongate in shape. The structure of this strain would be semi-dense as it has a fluffy sativa bud structure. Upon opening this bag you will not have any surprises as you will immediately notice smells of sour citrus, lemon and pine.

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