Columbian Gold Marijuana Strain UK


Sativa    |    THC: 15% – 20%

Cerebral, Euphoria, Happy, Uplifting
May Relieve 
ADD/ADHD, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue
Lemon, Spicy, Sweet
Lemon, Skunky, Spicy, Sweet


Columbian Gold Marijuana Strain UK

Buy Columbian Gold Marijuana Strain UK Online. Colombian Gold is a 100% pure sativa strain that is a classic Landrace strain from Santa Marta, Columbia. The THC level of Colombian Gold cannabis usually falls within a moderate range, indicating that it is between 15-20% or so.

This feeling is powerful but not overwhelming, and does not come with the typical paranoia or anxiety that accompanies many heavy sativa strains. Rather, you’ll feel giddy and giggly with energy and motivation to spare!  These skunk weed is  potent sativa effects, Columbian Gold is  ideal for treating patients suffering from conditions such as muscle spasms, chronic pain, ADD/ADHD, and depression. Colombian Gold buds have arrowhead-shaped dense minty green nugs with a spattering of fine fiery orange hairs and a thick layer of frosty chunky trichomes and sticky sweet resin. Colombian Gold nugs have an infamous classic aroma of sweet lemon skunk and an equally delicious taste of sweet lemony skunk with a hint of tangy lime upon exhale.


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