Orange Creamsicle Pre-Rolls UK


Genetics:Sativa Hybrid, Orange Crush x Juicy Fruit

Appearance:Small, Cone-Shaped Pre-Rolls in a Glass Jar

Aroma:Sweet, Citrus, Tropical

Effect:Uplifting, Balanced, Happy

Cultivation:Sungrown; Mendocino CountyLab

Results:Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metals


Orange Creamsicle Pre-Rolls UK

Buy Orange Creamsicle Pre-Rolls UK. This sativa-dominant strain is a combination of sweet citrus and vanilla, just like the classic treat. These babies are rolled perfectly. We love Flow Kana’s model, whereby they partner with small farms to help them process and distribute their harvest. Buy Creamsicle HHC UK Pre Rolls Online

Six Mini Pre-Rolls / 3.6 Gram


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